Dennis Senibaldi for Re-Election | Windham NH School Board

Dennis Senibaldi for Re-Election | Windham NH School Board

To My Windham Friends and Fellow Residents:

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I signed up to run for re-election to the Windham School Board. Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with three diverse School Boards. While it has not always been easy, I believe in each of the three years, many significant accomplishments have been realized. These achievements range from successful budgets, teacher contracts, Administrator contracts, comprehensive capacity resolution warrant article and most importantly the championing of proper resources so district staff can effectively and efficiently educate our children.

At a recent School Board meeting I was pleased to see that Windham Schools consistently ranked in the top 5 for NECAP scores compared to similar schools. Furthermore, we have significantly outpaced state averages year over year. To see this level of exceptional performance is a testament to the SAU staff, department heads, principals, assistant principals, all the support staff and our exceptional teachers who work the front lines with our children.

Moving forward over the next three years, if re-elected, I hope to help push the district to the outer bounds and beyond of exceptional success. Our staff, teachers and most especially our children deserve no less. With great anticipation and hope of the construction / renovation project passing at Golden Brook and Middle School, I am eager to be a part of seeing this to the end. This will solve a decades-old problem for decades to come and long overdue.

If you believe as I do that exceptional success is just the baseline from where our children can propel themselves into the stratosphere, I humbly ask for your support and vote on March 8th.

Dennis Senibaldi, Windham New Hampshire School Board Member

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Dennis Senibaldi is a member of the Windham School Board and local community advocate. He is dedicated to providing children with the best education possible and has recently announced his re-election campaign for the Windham School Board. For questions, concerns or more information you can find Dennis on Facebook at or Twitter: @dsenibaldi.

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