Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH| Cheryl Yennaco

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH - Cheryl Yennaco

Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH| Cheryl Yennaco

Endorsement for Dennis Senibaldi of Windham NH

I am pleased to write this endorsement expressing my support in re-electing Dennis Senibaldi for School Board.  As a lifelong Windham resident, I have experienced a lot of change and growth in town.  I believe we are at a critical time in Windham’s history, when decision’s affect not only my own generation, but my children’s generation as well.  Never has it been more important to have confidence and trust in those that we elect to oversee the business of our School District.

Dennis brings a unique set of skills to managing district issues and making decisions made on behalf of the citizens he serves.  As a parent of three young boys, Dennis understands the nuisances and intricacies of making tough decisions, and appreciates the affect these decisions have on all of our futures.

As I have come to know Dennis over the years, I have admired his passion and dedication to maintaining and improving the quality of education that we have come to expect in Windham.  He is focused and committed to listening to all those that he comes into contact with, so that he is able to understand the needs and concerns of the district, community and children that he represents.

Maintaining a balance between advancing Windham’s education excellence, while also keeping spending in check with what citizens can afford and are willing to pay for, are of top priority for Dennis.  Keeping our tax rate in check, and prioritizing spending, is essential so that future generations can also share in why Windham has become such a great place to live.

I have watched Dennis make decisions on behalf of the district, after gaining input, exploring all options, and then making an informed decision with the best interest of the district in mind.  Dennis has experience in working with all of the various boards in Windham, and is not afraid to ask challenging questions and make tough decisions.  He is a straight-shooter and you always get an honest answer, no matter how difficult the answer may be.

So please join me in voting for Dennis on Tuesday, March 8th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Yennaco


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