Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi | Michelle Farrell Windham, NH

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH MICHELLE FARRELL

Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi | Michelle Farrell Windham, NH

Why I Am Voting Dennis Senibaldi for Windham NH School Board

I am voting for Dennis Senibaldi for Windham NH School Board because he:

  1. Advocates for students
  2. Partners with teachers and administrators
  3. Demonstrates budgetary responsibility

Advocates for Students

  • Dennis believes in standing up for what is in the best interest for our students.
  • Dennis has been very vocal in his support of educational programs that align with our curriculum and are within budgetary constraints.  For example, Dennis recently fought hard to ensure that Tim Green, an author and inspirational speaker, would be allowed to speak at Windham Center School.  Whereas, two school board members voted against this assembly, even though it directly aligns with our curriculum and vision for our district.  This is just one example of the many ways Dennis has proven his dedication to our students’ education.
  • He’s committed to education; showing his commitment to the students of our district and to his own education, as he has achieved two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration, while serving on the board.

Partners with teachers and administrators

  • As soon as Dennis joined the school board, he spent a tremendous amount of time working with Dr. LaBranche, our interim superintendent, to learn more about the educational needs of our district.
  • Dennis makes himself available to teachers and to staff in our district.  His willingness to work with our teachers and administrators translates into a greater understanding of the educational needs of our town.
  • Dennis has always been respectful of the professional expertise of our teachers and administrators.  Repeatedly, I have witnessed Dennis asking for the professional opinions of our teachers and our administrators, and then use these opinions in his decision-making as a school board member.  On many occasions, I have watched Dennis defend the professional experts of our district.  His level of respect for our teachers and our administrators is commendable.

Demonstrates budgetary responsibility

  • Dennis has always taken the time to meet with our business administrator in order to thoroughly understand the budget.  Through his understanding of the budget, Dennis has made specific suggestions as to where he recommends budgetary cuts that would save money, but not jeopardize learning.  He believes in a conservative budget that is in line with student enrollment.
  • Proudly, the academic achievement of Windham students is well above the state average and the cost spend per pupil is below the state average.  A true testament that educational money is being spent wisely.

Dennis Senibaldi for Windham NH School Board

As a past school board member who has worked with Dennis, I have watched him grow into a strong educational advocate. Through his understanding of our district, he has become a sound voice; championing for what is in the best interest of our students, supporting our educational professionals in their decision-making, and recommending specific budgetary savings.

It is with great respect, that I will be voting for Dennis Senibaldi for Windham NH School Board, and I would encourage you to do the same!


Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Farrell

Windham, NH 03087


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