Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi Windham, NH | Heather Petro

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH - Heather Petro

Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi Windham, NH | Heather Petro

Four years ago, I ran for School Board. I was in a field of seven candidates and lost to Michael and Jerome. My best friend Bonnie brought me this t-shirt to wear when I was out running, so people would know who I was!

When I ran for School Board, there was this “gentleman’s agreement” that incumbent candidates would not support anyone running (at least that was what I was told). Though obviously there was internal support, for the most part, Board members remained neutral on the subject, especially if they did not agree.

Today I read the Windham Independent and read two letters from incumbent SB members. One for, and one against, re-electing Dennis Senibaldi. To me, this illustrates the inherent change that has occurred in our District and further illustrates the great divide that has occurred this year.

I do not agree with the naysayers that Dennis is the cause of that divide. Rather, I see him as one of the only SB members that is consistently trying to bring the Board back around to education. Along with Rob, Dennis has consistently voted in favor of letting the administration do their jobs. He has consistently reminded the Board that the only person they have administrative control over is the Superintendent, who in turn had to remind certain members of the Board that they have no business wandering around our Schools.

I have been watching this year unfold in utter disgust. From the lack of professionalism handling the GBS construction project to the most recent discussion about not allowing a visiting author at Center School (Really? Why not?), I have been simultaneously embarrassed, horrified, nauseous, and pissed off by the majority of the Board. Reading Daniel’s letter against Dennis today was the final straw – it reminded me that Daniel, Ken and Tom are anything but gentleman. That, my friends, is clearly a thing of the past. But if we have any hope of staying the course, and getting through the next 13 months (when Ken and company are up for re-election), I encourage you to please join me in supporting Dennis for School Board. Thank you!

– Heather Petro

Windham, New Hampshire


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