Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH | Rob Breton

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH -ROB BRETON

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH | Rob Breton

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH

To My Fellow Windham Residents:

These are my personal thoughts, and do not necessarily reflect those of my fellow School Board Members.
I have had the honor and privilege of serving on the Windham School Board, elected by the voters, for the past two years. In that time I have worked with 6 different School Board members—through many meetings, late hours, and many discussions about critical issues facing our District. When you spend that much time with people (at times being with them more than with your family) and undertake those types of important discussions together, you really get a good sense of the kind of people that they are. Most often, the public watching at home doesn’t always see that part of it, and that’s unfortunate.

As a Windham parent, what I want most is the best educational opportunities for my children. To ensure that that happens, I want School Board members in place that have that same goal at the forefront of their thinking, above all else.

Dennis Senibaldi has been, is now, and will continue to be that type of School Board member. I say this confidently, and not based on what I have heard from others, seen on cable TV, or read in the paper. I HAVE LIVED IT working alongside Dennis for two years. He is the best choice to help continue to do the work and maximize the opportunity we have to position the Windham School District as a superior District. When I say that, I don’t just mean in NH, I mean nationally. We have the Administration, Staff, and teachers to get it done.

Education is ever evolving and ever changing—which I believe is good for our students. The School Board must provide oversight and guidance to the Educational professionals we employ, but enable them to shape and deliver that outstanding education. Dennis understands and supports that, and no one works harder to come to the meetings prepared to discuss the issues facing our District and to MAKE DECISIONS.

Please join me on March 8th and cast your vote to re-elect Dennis Senibaldi to the Windham School Board.


Rob Breton
Windham School Board Member, 2014-present

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