Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH | Windham LINK

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH WINDHAM LINK

Letter of Support for Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH | Windham LINK

Windham LINK Supports Dennis Senibaldi for School Board


For several years, Windham LINK has provided parents and community members in Windham with information about education issues in our town.  Each year, Windham LINK recommends School Board candidates who we feel will best serve our children, school district, and community.  The qualities we look for include: experience, commitment to the position and our school district, and a solid understanding of the expectations of a School Board member.
This year, there are two candidates running for School Board. Only Dennis Senibaldi has a proven track record and shown that he is versed in facilities, budgets and policies.  Please join us in voting for Dennis Senibaldi for School Board member on March 8, 2016.
Senibaldi has been serving Windham since 2002. He has been on the Board of Selectman, Recreation Committee, Conservation Commission, Capital Improvement Committee, and is currently on the Windham School Board.  During his tenure on the Board, he has consistently called upon the School District administration, teachers and staff for their expertise and knowledge.  He has made decisions based on their feedback, while offering his own perspective and that of the public.   His voice is often the only representation they have at School Board meetings and he consistently votes based on what is best for our children and schools.
Please take a moment to learn more about Senibaldi by visiting his website at www.votesenibaldi.com. And join us in supporting the re-election of Dennis Senibaldi on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at Windham High School.

Visit the Windham LINK blog at: http://www.windhamlinktoeducation.com/


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