Al Letizio says Senibaldi is best choice for Windham Schools

Letter of Support Dennis Senibaldi Windham NH - Al Letizio Jr

Al Letizio says Senibaldi is best choice for Windham Schools

Please join me in re-electing Dennis Senibaldi to the Board!

Dear Windham friends and neighbors,

On March 8th, you will be choosing the future of our school district in this upcoming election. If you like how things have been going on the School Board under the leadership of Ken Eyring, then a vote for Eileen Mashimo will guarantee that you’ll will see more of the same…and for a long time. If you’re like me and you think that we could do a lot better and that our School Board leadership has been ineffective, heading us in the wrong direction at a time when leadership is most needed, then please join me in re-electing Dennis Senibaldi to the Board. Dennis has been outnumbered, fighting for us and we need him to remain on the School Board. Also, please plan ahead on joining me NEXT YEAR in supporting School Board member Rob Breton as he runs for re-election and also in supporting the candidacy of Matt Rounds as he runs to replace Ken Eyring. Matt, who was originally in the race this year, withdrew his candidacy to throw his support behind Dennis Senibaldi’s re-election. Like Matt, I see the problems with our School Board leadership, and I see that NOT electing Dennis Senibaldi and electing Eileen Mashimo sends us further in the wrong direction. I spent eight years serving you on the School Board and it has been difficult for me to watch what has been going on recently in our School District. It has been more difficult though for Dennis and Rob to serve us as School Board members under the current atmosphere and no one would blame either one of them for stepping down. I believe that we owe them both a debt of gratitude for their service under challenging conditions, but mostly we owe them our continued support if we want to see things change for the better. So in 2016, let’s re-elect Dennis Senibaldi and in 2017, let’s take step two and re-elect Rob Breton and replace Ken Eyring with Matt Rounds. It may take us a couple of years to do it, but we can make our School District great again.

Al Letizio, Jr.

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